15 days at the russian checkpoint

At the end of September, Ivan with his wife and two sons left the occupied Kherson region to evacuate to Zaporizhzhia - the territory controlled by Ukraine.

The russians detained the family at the Vasyliv checkpoint and already in the evening drove them off the road to a gas station. According to Ivan, there were about five hundred cars with Ukrainians in the convoy with them: children, the elderly and people with reduced mobility. All of them had to wait 15 days in the field, while the rashists invented new rules for departure every day.

"Some spent the night in the car, some on the street. It was very cold, so we tried to warm ourselves with lit fires near the cars." - says the father.

At the same campfire, the family was forced to cook food on their own, because the prices of products in local stores were sky-high. However, even in such a situation, Ukrainians showed their unity and good heart:

"Our people are friendly and everyone who was waiting in the column shared with each other the food and the dishes. We even salted the lard together!"

When people finally began to be released from the occupation, there were tears in their eyes from what they had experienced. Ivan and his wife are sure that Ukrainians were able to survive these difficult six months precisely because we are a very strong people.

Our volunteers met the family in Zaporizhzhia and provided shelter in the hub - the church "Christ is the answer". After resting in a warm and friendly atmosphere, the family went on to their relatives in Vinnytsia.