I was about to drink tea in the kitchen when a plane flew by and dropped a bomb

"I was just sitting in the kitchen, about to drink tea, and at that moment a plane flies by and drops a bomb. I fall under the table, screaming. I barely got out into the corridor, then into the entrance. It's scary on the fifth floor, the feeling that a projectile is flying in you every time" - recalls Svitlana and Marina Ivanivna from Bakhmut with horror.

Mother and daughter fully experienced the nightmares of war. They moved to live in the basement, because it was extremely dangerous to stay in the apartment on the upper floor. There, in the bunker, they spent their sleepless days and nights with rockets whistling overhead.

Svetlana and her mother still had to go outside in order to survive: their area was cut off due to shelling, so the women cooked food on a bonfire.

One day, mother and daughter dared to leave the city, because they realized that it could not continue like this. Fortunately, their apartment was intact, but the house opposite was hit by a Russian projectile.

Volunteers of our partner hub in Luhansk region helped Svetlana and Maryna Ivanovna leave the city, provided help and warm clothes, because winter is on the way. The family is already heading to their relatives in a safe region of Ukraine.

We urge Ukrainians not to delay evacuating from places under shelling - one day can be decisive for saving your life and the lives of your loved ones.