They came under fire in Bakhmut

Alina with 9-month-old Sofiyka came under rashists fire in the middle of the street in Bakhmut. Mother and daughter hid in the post office, where they managed to escape. 

This shocking event became a turning point for the young mother in her decision to evacuate the city. Immediately after the shelling, she called our center and the next day "Save Ukraine" volunteers evacuated the family to the Dnipro. Unfortunately, Alina's husband had to stay in the city because of work.

At the beginning of the war, the young family moved from their parents to their apartment. The couple even started repairs, hoping that the war would end soon. But later Bakhmut shuddered from the powerful bombardments and the mother and her little daughter had to hide in the basement.

While Sofiyka was very small, she didn't understand anything, she slept a lot, but then she began to cry a lot and was very afraid of explosions. We can only imagine the psychological impact that shelling near the post office left on the child, when Sofiyka heard the sounds of destruction so close...

Now the family is safe: our Dnipro hub provided them with shelter, clothes, food and medicine for the grandmother.
Alina still thanks us with trepidation for the quick rescue. Already now she understands that the evacuation should'nt have been delayed.

Next, mother and daughter plan to go to Odessa, where their mother-in-law is waiting for them.