The only dog that survived the shelling

Meet this three-year-old German shepherd named Alpha.
Since the beginning of the full-scale war, the dog, together with its owner Volodymyr, survived in Hryhorivka.

This village is located on the border between Donetsk and Luhansk regions, and for the past few months its residents have been suffering from incessant fire from both sides.

Fleeing from the war, many residents of Hryhorivka left their pets in danger, to perish. But Volodymyr and his neighbors fed frightened dogs and cats every day, which were looking for shelter and their owners among the flying debris.

Alpha was also under a lot of stress. She rarely left her master, but not only out of fear for herself, but also for him. Since the dog was presented to Volodymyr for his 60th birthday, Alpha has been surprising the owner with great devotion. But now Volodymyr had not one dog, but a whole pack of abandoned animals.

Once, after heavy shelling, the man came out of the house and was horrified: "Two cats and a dog were killed by shrapnel, these are just the ones I found in my yard, and how many are there on the street...". It turned out that none of the animals remained: they had been killed, and some had disappeared.

Only Alpha survived those terrible events. Despite the fear, this dog had a habit: with the first shots, Alpha ran to the basement and pressed her nose to the owner until the explosions subsided. It saved the dog's life this time as well.

Volodymyr's house was destroyed by Russian shells, as well as other houses of civilians on his street. The man had no choice but to leave his hometown.

Our Luhansk hub welcomed Volodymyr, his father and faithful Alpha. Volunteers fed them, provided the necessary assistance and evacuated them to the railway station, from where the family reached safety.

It is painful to imagine animals that were abandoned in that hellish environment by their only protectors - humans. We will not engage in criticism, but we remind you once again that our team EVACUATES not only Ukrainians, but also their pets!