Rebuilding life: a new home for a family from Bucha

Andriy and Olena have two children: an 11-year-old daughter and a 9-year-old son Mykola. They were all at home, in Buch, in the Kyiv region, when russian troops invaded their land.

The invaders drove into the yard of the Skleinov family with tanks, destroying everything in their path. As a reminder, they left the dead body of a civilian near the house, and the father had to drag him away with his own hands so that his children and wife would not see it.

For the first ten days, the family hid from heavy shelling in a neighbor's basement. Children remember those times with horror: shells flew over their heads, and fighter jets roared terribly in the sky. Little Mykola is still unable to talk about what he experienced and every time he tightly squeezes his mother's hand.

The family's home was completely destroyed: it was hit by an enemy shell and everything they had acquired over the years disappeared in the flames. Yes, the house that the family built for 8 years was destroyed in a few seconds.

The family was able to escape from the city in mid-March. And it was a miracle, because the next day the ashists blew up the railway tracks and mercilessly shelled the city: then a huge number of innocent people died, and the footage of these terrible events later flew around the world.

The Skleynov family reached Kyiv and later mother and the children went to Germany. This kind family helped 19 people evacuate to safety.

And now, after everything they experienced, they were able to return to Bucha to a new home. In front of the Skleinov family, our team installed a modular house for them right next to their destroyed home.

It was a symbolic event for all of us: because just as flowers grow from under the burnt grass, so a new life will surely be rebuilt on the ruins of Ukrainian settlements. And we will certainly make efforts for this.