Kids fell in love with Ukrainian language lessons

How kids fell in love with Ukrainian language lessons at our day center.

One of the biggest problems facing the children we evacuated from the frontline areas is their systemic lack of basic knowledge of school subjects. And this is not surprising. First, there was a COVID-related quarantine, and then a full-scale invasion. By this time, many children should have graduated from primary school, passed the state final examination, and started secondary school. Instead, due to frequent absences from school and their war experience, children have forgotten most of the rules and terms. Therefore, one of the main challenges for our teachers was to help children catch up on this knowledge, so they could keep up with their peers and quickly return to classes of their age. To do this, educators at our centers use an individual approach and modern tablets with the educational programs from the "Rozumnyky", thanks to our partners We Are All Ukrainians and RTL - Wir helfen Kindern - Spendenmarathon.

The "Rozumnyky" software is designed with the smallest details in mind and is recommended for use in the educational process by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

The teacher selects individual tasks for each child in the center, depending on age, level of knowledge, interests, speed of completion, etc. Thanks to the comfortable pace and interactive tasks, children can more easily absorb new information and enjoy the learning process.

For us, the main thing is not that our young visitors catch up with the missed material by summer or autumn but that they master the basic educational concepts and rely on them in the future. And we can confidently say that everyone likes this format of learning!

We hope that each child will return to normal life as soon as possible and continue to successfully complete the entire school curriculum. After all, a good education for our children today means a happy life for the entire country tomorrow.