63 little Ukrainians from the orphanage are recovering in Germany

Five months ago, stressed and frightened children ran to cold basements, and now they are steadily gaining weight abroad and celebrating Independence Day. We are talking about 63 pupils of the Sumy orphanage, who are being rehabilitated in the north of Germany.

As promised, these are new details from the life of Ukrainians, which our team cares about!

We remind you, in March, during the "green" corridor in we conducted a complex special operation to rescue 63 small Ukrainians from Sumy. Among them - 14 children with disabilities. To get the little one to Germany, we made long stops in partner hubs and the journey took almost two days in total.

Each child was carefully examined by doctors, and 9 seriously ill patients were separately placed in the palliative care center.

For the other 54 children, our team together with our partners found a cozy shelter near the lake: play areas, recreation rooms, a large yard, a sandbox and pools. Ukrainian doctors and teachers are always with the children, and our volunteers make sure that the children have the necessary food and toys.

Nowadays, children are in the fresh air every day and their emotional state is much better. They often smile and support each other with hugs. The children are far from their native home, but hey don't forget about Ukraine and love to decorate themselves with the colors of the blue and yellow flag💛💙