Mrs. Margarita and her dog from Avdiivka

Margarita Pavlovna is 84 years old. In the photo she is with her pet Lucky. Our team evacuated two of them from Avdiivka.

The woman says that the city suffers from racist shelling every day. There is no gas, no water, no electricity, but there are constant explosions and houses on fire.

Mrs. Margarita couldn't hide in the shelter. Due to osteoarthritis, every step caused severe pain, and it takes almost an hour to go up from the basement to the apartment on the 4th floor. So the grandmother could only hope that the shell would not fly into her house.

She and Lucky lived in such conditions for several months. The dog, brought by grandchildren from America 8 years ago, became the only consolation for the woman. But it was hard for him too - he was constantly squealing with fear. Margarita took care of him and fed not only her pet, but also all the neighboring dogs.

Old woman turned to us for help after an unpleasant situation. A young neighbor who had previously helped her get a pension took advantage of the situation and took all of Margarita's savings. This money was set aside for a "rainy day".

The "Save Ukraine" team evacuated old woman to western Ukraine. She and Lucky are now receiving proper care and supervision.