Kyrylo lost his mother and remained alone in a foreign land

On February 24, 2022, Kyrylo lost his mother and remained alone in a foreign land. However, instead of psychological support and compassion, he received bullying from his peers and "special attention" from the school management.

Teachers ignored family circumstances and forced the boy to write letters to Russian soldiers. The possibility of giving up this shameful act was not considered, because Kyrylo was under the close supervision of the school staff workers. Any emotional reaction or unwanted word was considered an alike provocation.

Kirill couldn't even complain to anyone about being mocked by his peers. After all, the educational conversation will be held not with the offender, but with him. This is psychological support for an orphaned child.

Therefore, it is unsurprising that as soon as Kyrylo crossed the border of Ukraine and received a blue-yellow flag as a gift from our saviors, he wrapped himself in it and joyfully recorded a video. And he immediately received a lot of hate from his Russian peers and adults.

But the main thing today is that Kyrylo is in the Motherland eventually, and our fight for every Ukrainian child still lasts, no matter where they are today.