The projects of "Save Ukraine" team

Friends, despite the fact that ”Save Ukraine” is the largest organization in Ukraine that deals specifically with evacuation, we are implementing a number of projects and programs to help the rescued Ukrainians recover from the horrors of war. Among them:

📌 ”FortHome” – a project to provide housing for families who lost their homes as a result of russian bombing.

📌 The project ”Survival Kits for Children”, under which during the evacuation every child who has been in the basement for a long time receives a life-saving backpack containing basic necessities.

📌 ”Hope and Healing Center” – rehabilitation center in Kyiv, designed for 268 people affected by the war.

📌 Community Center network across Ukraine, where children and families with children can receive social and psychological support, legal and humanitarian assistance.

📌 ”I Survive” – creation of a new support system for women and children who survived sexual violence and exploitation during the full-scale invasion of russian troops.

📌 ”Center for Abandoned Elderly” – rescue of those who are alone and have no one to take care of them. We provide assistance (rehabilitation, accommodation, food, etc.) to grandparents.

And we will share with you news about each of these initiatives, because they are equally important in our organization !