The Vlasenko family: five months later

Friends, from today we will tell you about the changes in the lives of families and children, whom our team helped to escape from the war after the horrors they experienced!

The history of the Vlasenko family is hard to forget. Rashists mercilessly fired at a car with parents and two children during the evacuation from the destroyed Vorzel. Then Tatiana and her daughter Katya received serious injuries to their lungs and limbs.

Our team conducted an operation to evacuate the family by helicopter and ensured that the girls were treated by the best doctors in Germany! We have been in touch with the family and after 5 months since those events we are sharing the news with you.

Recently, Tatiana, who received leg injuries, was finally discharged from the hospital! While she moves around in a wheelchair due to the complex process of bone fusion, the family believes only in the best.

As for Katya, she has almost completely recovered and even started studying at a local school! And this is due to the fact that the girl continues to study by correspondence in a Ukrainian college. This is such an asset✊

Her brother Igor also goes to the local school, but it is more difficult for him to adapt to the new environment after the stress he experienced. Despite this, the family lives in a nice area of ​​the city and father Roman often walks with his children in beautiful places.

Roman took on all the bureaucratic processes and parental responsibilities so that only his girls would recover and feel supported. And also, in a few days the father will start attending language courses!

We are delighted with the endurance and unity of this family and are incredibly happy that their health and affairs are improving!