The longest two hours of life

The dark and empty corridors of hospitals resemble the souls of people whose lives were crippled by war.... In one of these corridors of the Lviv hospital, our volunteers met Oleksandr from Avdiyivka, an already good friend whom we help with a humanitarian.

Two weeks ago, the man was in a wheelchair due to a shrapnel wound he received as a result of shelling. Today he already walks on his own, albeit with a cane.
Oleksandr really misses his home and his wife, who remained in their broken home.

"I was talking to her on the phone two days ago, when suddenly I heard explosions... heavy breathing... and the connection was interrupted. I could not call her for two hours. I have never had such a long 2 hours in my life..."

During this difficult time of waiting, Oleksandr could not get the worst thoughts out of his head. Finally, the husband's wife got in touch.

It turned out that the woman was hanging bed linen on the balcony when the shelling suddenly began. The wife immediately ran to the basement, and when she returned, she saw that only thin strips remained from her sheet: fragments of rockets had cut the bed completely.

We asked Oleksandr how they learned to live under constant shelling: cook food, take care of the garden. Then, to our surprise, the man admitted that the dog was saving them.
If the dog is alert and runs away, it means that there will be an arrival and he and his wife will run in the same direction.

This is how people survive in hot spots.

But we never tire of reminding Ukrainians that they have a choice. Yes, it is a difficult and painful choice, but it is there. To stay at home, in constant fear of shelling and hope that everything will pass; or call our hotline and let our team take you to safety where warmth, food and care await.

We save people's lives, so we are always only for the second option.
And you ?