In our day center for orphans took place a master class on the basics of photography

In Dnipro in our day center for orphans took place a master class on the basics of photography!

In the theoretical part, the children learned about the working principles of the camera and the physical properties of light and optical lenses. And then, in practice, they had the opportunity to work with natural and artificial light during the teachers' photo shoot.

Young visitors were happy to try themselves both as photographers and models. As a result, photos are filled with lively emotions and the glow of children's eyes. From these pictures, the children decided to make a collage to decorate the interior of the center with itю

Our wards were so inspired by the creative activity that the teachers included photography lessons in the center's program. After all, creativity helps children express their feelings and their inner world and therefore contributes to their recovery after the events of the war. Besides, new knowledge may be needed by young Ukrainians in the future. And we are making every effort to make it better every day! We thank the partners We Are All Ukrainians and RTL - Wir helfen Kindern - Spendenmarathon for supporting the activities of our 12 day-centers where orphans can receive full educational support during this tough time for them.