Family from Slavyansk: fateful incidents and lust for life

This is a family from Slovyansk: mother Maryna, daughter Alla and their friendly pug Sultan.

After a car accident, 34-year-old Alla is disabled and cannot walk. She underwent an extremely complicated operation that the best doctors didn't want to undertake. But the woman has a huge will to live and fights for the opportunity to walk, despite fire and water! Literally.

With the beginning of the war in her native Slovyansk, Alla made mandatory injections under the explosions of russian shells. The woman use a wheelchair to get to Kramatorsk, where she underwent rehabilitation, but later that became impossible.

The shelling was getting closer and closer. The pug Sultan was frightened by those sounds and was shaking and clinging to his owners. The whole family was horrified when the walls of the apartment shook: enemy fighters flew directly over the house. Then the mother and daughter finally decided to evacuate.

But here too a fateful incident happened. The railway tracks at the Kramatorsk station were damaged. The family waited until the evening, and then Alla insisted on returning home. Mrs. Marina was thinking about staying, but she listened to her daughter. Fortunately. In a few days, there will be a tragic shelling here, hundreds of people will be injured...

The family was evacuated from Sloviansk and safely reached Lviv. Here they found housing and received all the necessary help from our partner hub.

Currently, Alla continues her rehabilitation safely and can already move one limb! And the family favorite Sultan has finally stopped being afraid of loud noises and feels like the master at home, according to his nickname👑

Unfortunately, Ms. Maryna's husband stayed in Sloviansk with his 84-year-old mother, who refused to leave. So, the family split up.

We understand that it is especially difficult for the elderly to leave their home, because they have spent their whole lives there. But the place of life is not worth the life itself. And your children and grandchildren are waiting for you and need family unity in this difficult time.