Schoolchildren approached the rushists with the words "Glory to Ukraine".

16-year-old Valeria from Kupyansk, Kharkiv region, is called fearless at home. She, like thousands of Ukrainian children, bravely fought against russian intrusive propaganda during the occupation of her city.

"They made russian flags in the school stands, rewrote the information in russian. We were indignant, quarreled. There were real patriots in the school who came up and said: "Glory to Ukraine. Ours will definitely come." They were laughed at, but we understood that everything would be fine and the russian federation wouldn't be here!" - Valeria shares her memories.

The girl constantly raised the spirits of her comrades-in-arms: she spread Ukrainian poems about her homeland and victory.

According to her mother, Valeria was the least afraid of explosions in the family, instead she constantly calmed her and her younger sister from panic and helped them cope with stress. Therefore, the girl's choice to return to studies and become a psychologist is quite expected.

Finally, one day Valeria witnessed a lightning counteroffensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Kharkiv Region and the liberation of her city from the rashists:

"My heart felt lighter and better when you finally see soldiers in Ukrainian uniforms with a native badge! Now I can, as before, study Ukrainian with my friends."

After the rescue, the family finally got a break from the constant explosions. Valeria spent several days in our partner hub - the "Nove pokolinnya" church. And then the family went to a safe region, where close friends of the family were waiting for them.

We never tire of admiring the courage and self-awareness of Ukrainian children. They inspire us every day and therefore we will never give up in the fight for our freedom!