Saving Ukrainian children through the gift paper!

Ukrainian artist Oleksandr Lashenko created an illustration on the theme of Ukraine's struggle for freedom especially for the project of the German creative agency Zentralsueden and the Italian typography Longo.

The goal of this project is to draw attention to important things in a beautiful way - through gift paper! And to involve European society in supporting charitable organizations in their missions.

In his illustration, Oleksandr included the idea that every Ukrainian - be it a mother with a child, a soldier, a doctor or an artist - everyone today contributes to the Victory as a single strong nation.
On his creation, Sasha left a link to donate to the "Save Ukraine" fund !

So every person who is lucky enough to receive a gift in this paper will be able to join the rescue of Ukrainians through our organization! It is really beautiful and symbolic.

We thank Oleksandr for drawing the world's attention to the fate of the Ukrainian people and for this positive message! And also to the organizations for their wonderful project.

Friends, if you want to support the children and families that our team rescues from hot spots, you can make a donation on the website in the "Help" section.

We also leave a link to the donation ⬇️