They left Kramatorsk station before the shelling

This is a family from Sloviansk, 8 of them: Oksana, her parents, four children and a little granddaughter.

The family lived near the train station, where there was constant shelling. And when they moved to another part of the city, the explosions were even louder there, and the children were even scarier to fall asleep at night. One day, a house across the street was damaged by russian shelling, and Oksana's family helped neighbors collect glass from damaged windows.

The family finally tried to evacuate. The path was not easy, because grandmother can barely walk, and grandfather hardly sees after a stroke. They were standing at Kramatorsk station ready to leave their home, but due to railway problems, the family had to return. It was April 7.

The next day, Oksana find out about the rocket attack on the station. Hundreds of wounded, including people with whom they were waiting for the train yesterday. Chance or fate.

Now the family was afraid to leave and was afraid to stay. Oksana's son confessed that he was very scared at home and the woman finally decided to save her family.

The team of one of the "Save Ukraine" hubs evacuated the family, found temporary housing and provided all necessary assistance. They are safe now, and the children can no longer hear the eerie sounds of war.