She returned to Mariupol for her brother, who was considered dead

60-year-old Nataliya from Mariupol went to Great Britain in order to earn money for the treatment of her sick brother with a disability, who remained in the destroyed city during the occupation.

Soon Natalya lost contact with her brother, at that time there was heavy shelling in Mariupol and there were rumors that the woman's brother had died. For Natalia, it was a terrible blow that she could not survive.

When suddenly one day the news came that her brother was alive! The man was found in a very serious condition and could barely stand. Without hesitation, Natalia left her job and shelter in Britain and went to Zaporizhzhia to return home and take her sick brother out.

Our volunteers from the Zaporizhzhia hub, the "Christ is the Answer" church, found a woman in tears at the train station. She was confused because she didn't know how to get home. Volunteers calmed down the woman, took her to the "I Mariupol" aid center and helped find a transporter. Natalia is currently with her brother!

The woman saw all the horrors that the rashists were inflicting in her city. She still constantly starts crying when it comes to war. Natalya wholeheartedly believes in our defenders and above all else wants Mariupol to be freed from the enemy and returned to Ukraine.