The dog's face turned gray from the stress

Dmytro and his dog Pshyshtava from Kharkiv. When their district - Saltivka - was ruthlessly shelled, the man with his wife and dog hid in a basement.

They spent eight days with almost no water and food. Hearing the sounds of explosions. This whole time, the family anticipated any “calm period” to leave and get to a safer place because they had nowhere to return.

From the stress, the dog’s face turned gray. Thanks to him being next to his owners, everything ended well. Now the family is in Lviv. They have everything necessary thanks to the volunteers of our partner hub.

We once again ask you not to risk your life - not yours, not of your loved ones. Leave at the first possibility. The team of the “Save Ukraine” center will help you.

For this, call the number:

0 800 333 129