A video chronicle of the lives of children who were born during the full-scale war in Ukraine

Happy Independence Day of Ukraine!
But today is also another date - half a year since the beginning of the full-scale war.

We dedicate this video to Ukraine, Ukrainian children and all those who defend our Independence.

The hero of the video is 6-month-old Klim, who was born during a full-scale war between russia and our country. In addition, Klimchyk, from the first days of his life, became the inspiration of our activity, and his family is part of the "Save Ukraine" team.

However, this chronicle is about the lives of tens of thousands of babies who were born in this difficult and decisive time for the fate of Ukraine.

Soon, Klim and thousands of little Ukrainians will take their first step on their native land. We believe that these will be sure steps on a free and peaceful Ukrainian land when we choose our Victory!