They lost touch long ago, but united during the war

We continue the story of Mykola's 83-year-old grandfather, who walked from Lviv to Kramatorsk. So, our volunteers from the Dnipro hub set out to find the grandfather's son, with whom Mykola lost touch a long time ago.

Finding contacts of relatives was a real quest. But through "our channels" we found the phone number of Mykola's grandson - Yuriy. He remembered that he had a grandfather and was ready to accept him! Having joined forces with the Kyiv "Save Ukraine" hub, the volunteers transported the grandfather through Kyiv to the Chernihiv region, where he was met with joy by his grandson.

Recently, we contacted Yuri to inquire about grandfather's health, and we received an answer that he has recovered and is even eager to work. This is how, despite the war, Ukrainian families unite.