5-year-old Arinka from Kherson region was evacuated from under shelling!

5-year-old Arinka from Beryslav, Kherson region was evacuated from under shelling!

The girl, together with her mother, survived the occupation of her native village, its liberation, and then constant shelling by the russian occupiers from the left bank.
The months of the occupation were terrible and lonely for Arinka: all her friends left the town, and machine gunfire and mortar fire rang out on the street. The girl also had to forget about the walks to the river - enemy snipers were lurking there and drones swarmed.

But the biggest challenge for the family was the lack of electricity, gas and water. Together with other residents of Beryslav, the family collected water directly from puddles to cook food on the fire near the entrance. And there was no mention of the usual hygiene procedures - Arinka didn't bathe for a month and a half.

Instead of a warm bed, the girl spent the nights in the basement with her neighbors, hiding from rocket attacks.
"It's still scary, the war. I want to leave as soon as possible until the shelling stops.'' - said Arina.

Mother Anna worked at the local hospital and helped people until the end. But the frost came, and the shelling only intensified, so Arinka's mother was looking for someone who could repair her car or hook it up with a cable. Because during the war it was not possible to start the car.

Our team took battery terminals on the evacuation flight and didn't shut down the engine all the way to Mykolaiv, where the family purchased a new battery. For safety, the daughter and mother covered the first part of the road in an armored SUV. And then our volunteer Serhiy took the family to our Kyiv shelter.

Arinka was happy with the life-saving backpack "LifePack" with which she covered more than 600 kilometers and is now going to go to the first grade in the fall. The girl dreams that shootings will stop in her hometown and that there will be many friends in her new school. In the future, Arina wants to save people's lives in the hospital, just like her mother.