More than 23,500 children and families were saved.

More than 23,500 children and families were saved from the talons of war since the beginning of the full-scale invasion of russia into Ukraine. Of them, more than 1200 orphans were evacuated from 22 orphanages. We have also assisted almost 20,000 children and families with housing in safe places. 

We have mobilized our resources to help children and families evacuate from hotspots in eastern Ukraine. We are continuing our work at a hastened pace. 

Additionally, our team has provided food packages to over 33,000 people. Over 14,500 Ukrainians called our hotline to receive consultations on evacuation, humanitarian support, and psychological help during this time. 

❗️If you need help or you know a family that does - do not hesitate and call the 24/7 all-Ukrainian hotline of the “Save Ukraine” center”: 
0800 333 129