We came out of the basement in Kupyansk and saw a pile of abandoned russian equipment"

"We came out of the basement in Kupyansk and saw a pile of abandoned Russian equipment near every house. Aviation was constantly working in the sky. It doesn't matter who was flying, because it's equally scary.
The "liberators" disappeared without warning and there were talks that it was time to take advantage of this chance. People started fleeing to safe cities," Rita recalls the deoccupation of Kharkiv region with wonder.

A woman with two children, 8-year-old Lisa and 15-year-old Valeria, lost her peaceful life, her job and her freedom, instead she constantly feared for her daughters, who simply could not get sick due to the lack of medicine. The russians quickly captured her city, set up roadblocks and didn't let people out.

Basic earthly goods have disappeared: telephone communication, food supplies, water supply. And because of the constant hostilities, every foray of the family into the street turned into a quest for survival.

The conditions in the basement didn't add to the pleasantness either: there the sewer broke. So Rita and her children had to sleep with a foul smell until people fixed the pipes themselves. The candles and batteries in the lanterns quickly ran out. But the Bologovy family didn't lose heart and made light fixtures homemade from potatoes and cotton wool!

The family was not able to evacuate immediately. They reached the bridge on foot, but the people who promised to take them did not come. Fortunately, on that day, our volunteers went on an evacuation flight and took the family in an armored bus to our partner hub in Kharkiv - the "New Generation" church.

There, the family was fed, sheltered for several days and helped with railway tickets. They are now safe with close friends in another region.