Evacuation chronicle: May

Evacuation chronicle: May

During the last month of spring, our rescuers managed to evacuate from the hot spots in the east and south of the country almost 1,000 Ukrainians, including about 300 children and 60 people with limited mobility!

In addition, we don't stop taking care of evacuated families. Our volunteers accompanied the wards to hospitals, administrative and legal institutions, churches, RATS, and even maternity homes.

At least 5 families we rescued from war zones settled in our modular homes during this time and have started a brand new tomorrow. And we helped several elderly wards with disabilities to move to Finland.

All that for Ukrainians to feel supported in the new environment, to be able to adapt and restore normal life.

So, even though May has become a difficult test for the country and our team, we have something to delight you!

We don't give up and keep working on our front.

0 800 333 129 - all-Ukrainian hotline of Save Ukraine with the support of USAID Ukraine