The "Save Ukraine" team now has a cat volunteer

We already have the famous rescue dog Patron, and now a rescue cat has appeared!

In all seriousness, we present to you a volunteer cat named Valera, who travels with our guys to hot spots for special operations to evacuate Ukrainians.

Valerchyk, as his owner and "Save Ukraine" volunteer Vitaly calls him, is a cat, but a full-fledged member of the team, who has his own functional duties during the execution of the task:

• follows the road (because as you know, no matter where you take a cat, it will return home)
• heats seats for people (warmth is important)
• meets children during evacuation
• sniffs the bus before leaving for the presence of dangerous substances and spoiled products
• relieves stress on the road: listens - calms down (Valera's secret in the healing "mrrr")

Recently, the cat and his brave team have been evacuating people from Avdiivka to our partner hub in Pokrovsk. This is a dangerous and difficult task, but volunteers hold a strong positive charge.

Maybe soon Valera cat will learn to say "Glory to Ukraine!", and in the meantime, he makes his signature "meow" before the trip, which means "with God!" in cat language.