"I love you, my soldiers"

"I love you, my soldiers. I am glad that you protect our country" - this is a sincere confession of love written by 8-year-old Danylo from Rubizhny to Ukrainian defenders.

Ukrainian children forgot about Batman, Spider-Man and Wonder Woman - instead, the Armed Forces became their superheroes. Real, living superheroes. Children's faith and hope in their defenders became the necessary counterbalance to the fear and shock from the war that they had to know.

At one of the creative classes organized by our team from the Luhansk hub for displaced children, the children prepared postcards for Ukrainian soldiers. And inside they wrote thanks: who for protecting the earth, and who for the sky.

It was impossible not to notice how important it is for the children to express their feelings, so diligently they plunged into this matter. Their postcards will be placed in parcels and will soon go to the front - to superheroes.

Our volunteers from all hubs continue to care for children affected by the war. They conduct creative activities, organize children's holidays - in general, they give children the opportunity to return to the state of carelessness that the rashists took from them. Maybe forever.