"Unforgettable" summer of Rita and Maxim

-year-old Margarita and 5-year-old Maksym spent this summer in an occupied village in Zaporizhzhia. And it was an "unforgettable" summer that children will never want to repeat.

Rita remembers how she and her brother were riding bicycles when four fighter jets flew over them.
Every day, enemy planes flew in the sky above the children, and on the ground - tanks drove and armed russians walked. In addition, the orcs settled right in Rita's school and the little schoolchildren were constantly scared.

One day Maxim and Rita had to see how Russian soldiers stopped a fellow villager's car and simply took it for themselves. And these soldiers also took away people's property as and when they wanted.

The brother and sister together with their family were able to get out of the occupied territory. "The whole bus applauded and shouted "Glory to Ukraine!" when people saw the Ukrainian flags," 9-year-old Rita told us with a happy sparkle in her eyes.

Our Zaporizhzhia hub sheltered the family and provided the necessary assistance. And later - we found a home for them in Germany! Farewell to this family at the train station was very warm, but our volunteers shouted only "Goodbye!"

Children dream of returning home above all else. Rita - to her irreplaceable cat Dymok, who had to be left with her grandmother. And Maxim - to his favorite teddy bear.

We hope that the little one will recover from the horrors he experienced safely. And to the Russians, we will never forgive such a summer for our children.