She went to a rally for freedom in the occupation

"They pointed a machine gun at my friend because he was holding a large flag of Ukraine... They said that if he didn't let go of the flag, they would shoot him. I was scared... We also came to the rally, held the flag, stood nearby and watched. These Russians are evil..." - these are the memories of 11-year-old Valeria.

A girl during the occupation went to the square of her city to defend rights and freedom. She believed in the success of the Ukrainian defenders and boldly looked the russian army in the eyes.

The russians cynically fired at the girl's family's home, which is located near the TV tower: the windows were blown out, a lot of broken glass, dirt and cold. The family was then miraculously saved. A month before the fatal air attack, Valery with his parents and younger brother moved to another street, to his aunt.

"We sat and looked out the window. Sometimes a glow appeared unexpectedly. It was Russian rockets flying. And then they heard successive "babahs". Very loud!" - she saw this terrible picture instead of studying in the 5th grade. Her school was bombed by the russians. The girl was most afraid for her relatives. When I heard that my grandmother's house was also completely destroyed, I was very worried. Fortunately, the grandmother then left the house, which saved her life.

With the first snow, the Semenchenko family decided to move as far away from danger as possible. Our team of volunteers evacuated the family to Kharkiv, only the girl's father remained to guard the house in Kupyansk.

On the way, the girl received a "Save me" backpack as a gift, which contains basic things for survival and a comfortable move to a new place of residence. Currently, she dreams of becoming a doctor to save people's lives.