They made cheese under explosions and fed Ukrainian soldiers

This nice elderly couple in the photo are 70-year-old Ihor and Tamara from Siversk, Donetsk Oblast with their dog Archie next to them. Back in March in their hometown, the couple lost power and all the stores were closed due to heavy shelling by the rashists. But it is not Ihor and Tamara's style to lose heart, especially when their pets are with them.

Before the war, Ihor started keeping goats, and now they have become a lifesaver not only for the couple, but also for the Ukrainian fighters! The elderly couple made goat cheese under the explosions and fed our defenders and also gave them milk. The grateful soldiers shared their rations with Igor and Tamara, such mutual support among Ukrainians.

However, a russian projectile hit Ihor's house later. Thank God, at the time of shell, a family with 3 dogs was hiding in the basement on a nearby street. But, as a result of the fire, the elderly couple lost everything they had earned in their lifetime.

One of the Ukrainian soldiers, whom the couple fed cheese, invited Ihor and Tamara to his family in Volhynia - to raise cattle there. Without hesitation, the couple agreed! They evacuated to the Dnipro together with their dog Archie, and left their goats under the care of Ukrainian defenders.

Our Dnipro hub sheltered the family for several days, provided food and clothes, and later volunteers sent the couple to Volhynia free of charge.

«We are not upset. So what if we're both seventy years old! It is possible to start from scratch at our age! We'll go to Volhynia, breed goats, make cheese and send it to the front!» - that's the kind of fighting mood the couple had before they left!

Nowadays, everything is fine with the couple's goats in Siversk, and judging by the photos, their goats like to graze on the destroyed russian equipment the most. Who would doubt that our animals are also Patriots!

Ihor and Tamara are a great example of the fact that even in elder age you can start life in a different, safe place! And it can be not only not scary, but also interesting.