11-year-old Artem loved animals from an early age...

11-year-old Artem from Avdiivka loved and cared about animals from an early age. It all started when, at the age of 7, Artem brought home a stray puppy and persuaded his parents to leave him. The boy named his friend Charlie. A cat and a parrot appeared next, followed by hamsters.

On the morning when the full-scale war began, Artem's family woke up to a nearby explosion. However, the war for the family in the east had been going on for 8 years, so Artem's parents, as usual, went to work, and the boy continued to sleep.

Within a few hours, the family learned that this was a full-scale russian invasion of Ukraine. A "loud" war began, as Artem called it.

The boy was worried about his pets - they were nervous before each shelling, especially the dog Charlik: "A minute before the flight, he always hid under the sofa and whined."

One night, an enemy shell exploded near the family's house. All the windows in the apartment were blown out by the shock wave. Then the frightened Charlie whined for a long time, and in the evening he was gone. "His heart couldn't take it," says mother Yulia. Artem took the loss of his friend very hard.

Also, shortly before that, the boy's cat, Marquis, had jumped out into the driveway during the shelling and never returned home.

Meanwhile, fighter jets began to fly in the sky and neighbors left the city one by one. Only a few people remained in the family's house, and Yuliya and her son survived thanks to volunteers who brought bread and water. However, the cold forced the family to leave.

Artem gave his parrot to his grandmother Nina so that she would not be lonely, and the rescuers of "Save Ukraine" took the family to Pokrovsk, and from there - to train. In Dnipro, volunteers of our partner hub met mother Julia, Artem and a hamster in a jar.

Mother and son thanked for a long time for the friendly reception, hot shower and delicious food and the next day they went to Ternopil.