An exhibition dedicated to saving children from war ended in Kyiv

Friends, our with "ZibraAl' exhibition of paintings about the miraculous rescue of children from the war, which took place in Kyiv, ended.

We were very pleased to see so many interested people! After all, no matter how extraordinary the pictures are, they acquire a deep and multifaceted meaning precisely through the hearts of observers who are able to feel and understand.

Today we were sad to take away the last painting, because the opening in the capital of our native country had a special meaning. But the "SaveUkr(AI)ne" art project continues its journey and its next stop: the state of Kuwait!

In the following months, the project will be presented on three more continents. The exhibition in the USA will end with the sale of paintings, and the proceeds will go to help Ukrainian children affected by the war.

We will keep you updated on the journey of these 10 unique rescue stories through the eyes of artificial intelligence!

Curators of the art project: Lisa Yaknyunas and Sofia Fedchenko.