"A rocket flew into our yard"

"A rocket flew into our yard. The windows in the house were broken, the doors flew out, bricks fell. It was very scary. When we were bombed, 2 factors saved us from death:
a distance of 50 meters and the neighbor's house, which took the brunt of it," 10-year-old Vika tells the story of her survival in the liberated Kharkiv region in adult terms.

In the morning, before the russians took Vika's house, she only had time to have breakfast and make the bed. At this time, the girl is usually at school, but the occupiers closed it 8 months ago. So the girl's life, without education and friends, was limited to the border of the yard.

That day, with the first sounds of shelling at 9 o'clock, the Kryvobok family went down to wait in the basement, and two hours later the fatal attack occurred.

After 5 days in a cold cellar, Vika's family moved from Berestovo to a neighboring village, where there was also no communication.
Meanwhile, their relatives submitted an application for help to the "Save Ukraine" volunteers. When the front line moved forward, we went to help.

On the way, our drivers saw a girl with her mother and stopped to offer to go to a safe place. And it turned out that it was Vika, and it was to her that we kept the direction. A pleasant surprise awaited here - 8 family members together at once.
After the pictures, when the russian military on a KAMAZ truck drove by the street, everyone was very scared.

Having reassured the family, we helped to collect things and started 2 cars, which were left without windows after the explosions.
One is theirs with broken glass, and the other belongs to the neighbors who left them the keys.

We evacuated the family in a column to a safe place in Kharkiv, fed them and gave Victoria our rescue backpack.
Relatives helped them with housing, and Vika finally returned to school!