Another life saved

Friends, as of now:
We saved cat's life

Having survived the russian shelling, our volunteers continued the rescue operation and went in search of people who needed help. That's how we met Mrs. Alla, whose cat was left in the flooded house.

The difficulty of the journey was that at any moment our rubber boat could come across a sharp object, such as a fence hidden under water. But we successfully got to the destination and found the woman's cat! He was waiting for his mistress in the attic: scared, but most importantly - alive.

Unfortunately, we can't found Mrs. Alla's three kittens in the sunken building. However, we are happy that we managed to save at least one more life.

You will see the details of today's Save Ukraine rescue operation in Kherson later in our video. Watch so you don't miss out.

0 800 333 129 – free Save Ukraine hotline supported by USAID Ukraine