Our volunteers performed an operation to save a disabled man

Avdiyivka. We conducted a difficult operation to save a disabled man who was left alone in a broken multi-story building!

49-year-old Sergey lost his legs after a stroke. Then he was paralyzed for two months and now the man was once again in a helpless position.
Enemy shells flew right into his house. Frightened neighbors left their destroyed apartments a long time ago, and Serhiy simply could not save himself.

"I was taken out as the last one from the lighthouse, removed from the 5th floor, where I lived. And in the elevator, all the apartments are broken, there are no fields. My doors and windows were blown away."

In the photo - a significant moment: our volunteer Yaroslav carries Serhiy into the evacuation bus to finally deliver him to safety! Volunteers evacuated the man to Pokrovsk, and then to Kirovohrad, to a center for people with reduced mobility, where the man will be taken care of ✊