We opened an international art project dedicated to saving children from war!

Friends, yesterday our team opened a unique exhibition of paintings dedicated to saving children from war as part of the international art project "SaveUkra(Al)!

We share with you a photo report of the event, and with it - the atmosphere of warmth and significance that filled the space of the Ukrainian House yesterday. This atmosphere was created by wonderful people - guests of the exhibition, and extraordinary works generated by the neural network of the Ukrainian startup "ZibraAI".

It was very important for us to meet the heroes of one of the paintings - a family from Chernihiv, whose story of salvation touches all existing strings of the soul. Natalya and Oleksandr covered their seven-year-old son Danylo with their bodies during the shelling of the russians with cluster munitions.

At the exhibition, Danya immediately recognized the painting "Dome of Protection", which we dedicated to his family, and said that it was similar to how his parents saved him. The founder of our center Mykola Kuleba, with whom the family lived for some time, didn't forget about the birthday of the boy's mother and congratulated Natalya during the performance!

It was a great start to an important art project. The guests were deeply impressed by the stories of the rescue of children, and also by the fact that the paintings were created by artificial intelligence! Thank you to the speakers from "ZibraAl" for the accessible explanations of the process of creating these miracles by a neuron .

We could tell a lot more about yesterday's event, but instead we suggest you come to the Ukrainian House and feel the depth of these 10 stories. The exhibition is open from 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. and will last until September 4!

And then the "SaveUkr(AI)ne" art project will go to the state of Kuwait, where it will be presented during the week of Ukraine in Kuwait.

The members of our team Lisa Iakniunas and Sofia Fedchenko became curators of the project.