Love despite the war

After Lisa was forced to leave her home in the Luhansk region in 2014, the girl was sheltered by the "Kovcheg" church in Kharkiv. Here Lisa began to actively participate in church life and became a Sunday school teacher. Meanwhile, her future love - Artem, constantly visited the same church and helped the parishioners.

In February, a full-scale war began. Liza, who had already fled the war, did something different this time - she became a "Save Ukraine" volunteer. Just like Artem. Now they saved Ukrainians side by side.

In joint work, month after month, Lisa and Artem got to know each other better and fell in love. And recently, the couple got engaged in the same "Kovcheg" church - a partner hub of "Save Ukraine"! Where it all began. Where these two in love still work and help people.

We congratulate Liza and Artem and wish a peaceful sky overhead as soon as possible!