This was the toughest of all previous rescue missions

Today we meet at home 31 more Ukrainian children, illegally taken away by the Russians from the occupied territories!

This was the toughest of all previous rescue missions. Russia has launched a massive information campaign. While the mothers underwent a 13-hour interrogation by the FSB, Commissioner for Children's Rights Maria Lvova-Belova held a press conference, during which she tried to force a distorted version of events on the world. But the biggest "surprise" was waiting for the parents in the camp in Crimea. The Russian authorities invited journalists from the Rossiya 1 TV channel for a fake report.

And that's not all. Unfortunately, the grandmother who had to bring her two grandchildren home died from the stress. The woman's heart couldn't handle it.

The path of Ukrainian children from the territory of the Russian Federation is always difficult. Unforeseen circumstances can arise at any moment on the way, which complicates the rescue. But we don't give up halfway, as we do it for the sake of our children.

Our team is grateful to everyone involved in this process. To every heroic mother, every team member and volunteer, and everyone who doesn't stand by. Any kind of help is important in this matter: from information to financial support.

Thanks to joint and coordinated work, we once again experience these incredible emotions when, after a long separation, children run across their native land into the arms of their relatives. When you see tears of joy on the faces of young Ukrainians and realize that it's not in vain.

And while happy families make up for a lost time, we continue to work to return every Ukrainian child home.