Children-wards of "Save Ukraine" dedicated their drawings to benefactors

Little Ukrainians, who were evacuated by the «Save Ukraine» team, dedicated their drawings to all the benefactors and kind people who help our organization in saving families from war!

For example, Kyrylo from Kherson region drew a Ukrainian tank that will liberate his native village from the enemy. All the time that the boy was in the occupied territory, he was afraid to speak and just be, because the rashists could kill him for a simple word. Our Zaporizhzhia hub helped Kyrylo's family and now the boy dreams of seeing the Ukrainian flag near his home!

Another inspiring drawing was created by 12-year-old Albina from Chernihivka. The girl's childhood was spent under shelling, in stress and fear for the lives of her parents and her own. Now the girl is safe and with the help of drawings gets rid of the pain that the war brought. Albina drew a man with a powerful Ukrainian shield that protects against russian missiles.

And in the photo you can see the drawings-manifestos of the victory of our defenders and the great Ukrainian heart, which were created by Yegor and Anya from Melitopol. The brother and sister survived the most terrible summer of their lives: they were hiding in the basement when the russian «hail» came to their yard. Children and their parents had to go through dozens of occupants with machine guns just to see their grandmother.

Unfortunately, there are many such children's stories.
But, despite severe injuries, little Ukrainians motivate and charge with the power of goodness all the benefactors who protect our country and our people! Their drawings are full of faith in our victory, in our people and happy childhood.

With such support, we will definitely win our Freedom!