The dogs were crying tears of fear

85-year-old Svitlana Petrovna from Konstantinivka, Donetsk region, and her beloved dog had to survive in a cold basement due to the bombing of the city. From the beginning of the war, the rashists destroyed all the surrounding schools, hospitals and factories - life stopped.

Along with Svetlana and her pet, an old neighbor with her dogs was also hiding in the basement. So, for several months, two elderly women, who were left without gas and water, cooked food on the fire and took care of their dogs as best they could. After all, the animals were constantly in a state of stress.

"During the bombardment, I saw dogs crying from fear. Tears were literally flowing from them," says Ms. Svitlana emotionally. Despite this, the furry one was a moral support for her owner and cheered her up every day just by her presence.

Mrs. Svitlana's children, who got out of the hellish Mariupol abroad, persuaded the woman to evacuate. It was very difficult for granny to leave her house. "An old tree is not transplanted" - Svitlana quotes an old proverb and says that at her age, the homeland is no longer changed.

Volunteers of the Dnipro hub "Save Ukraine" met the grandmother, provided temporary shelter and provided food aid. Although the separation was painful, now Ms. Svitlana and her pet can sleep peacefully at night in safety.