She was alone in Avdiivka, while her relatives were in russia.

80-year-old Ms. Valentina was alone in her apartment in Avdiivka when the war came to her town. The woman's son died back in 2018, and the granddaughter and great-granddaughters left for russia and have not visited their grandmother since then.

A terrible test has come for an elderly woman who moves on stilts: constant shelling at night, and a struggle for survival during the day. A social worker brought medicine once a week, and the pensioner had to buy water with her last money.

Neighbors left the house one by one, and soon only Ms. Valentina and a woman from the apartment next door remained in it. A good woman often visited the lonely grandmother and helped her in everyday life and with a word of support.

One morning, a woman came to Valentina and said that she was going to the kitchen, which was behind the houses. They said goodbye, and in a few hours Mrs. Valentina found out that this kitchen had been destroyed by a russian projectile.

During the story, tears flowed from the grandmother's eyes - she experienced this news very hard and painfully. Already after lunch of the same day, our volunteers came to Mrs. Valentina and offered to evacuate to a safe place.

Valentina Mykolaivna was so frightened and exhausted that one of the volunteers carried the woman to the car in his arms.

Now Ms. Valentina is in good conditions in the Lviv region at the "Good Samaritan" home, where she is being cared for. Despite everything, the old woman has great hope that she will still be able to meet her granddaughter and great-granddaughters. Because the family has a sacred meaning for the granny, as it does for many Ukrainians.