Our team evacuated 98-years-old grandma from Kramatorsk

In the photo - an evacuated family from Kramatorsk: 74-year-old Inesa, her old mother and aunt.

Mrs. Zinaida is almost 100 years old. She survived the Second World War: as a girl, the Nazis took her to work in Germany, where she worked for 2 years. When the young Zinaida was released from captivity, she took care of soviet soldiers in the hospital, and after the victory - became a German language teacher.

A lot of time has passed, but Ms. Zinaida has not forgotten anything. The grandmother assures that even in those terrible times the civilian population did not suffer so much. Because of the rashists, perhaps the grandchildren and great-grandchildren of the same soviet soldiers, whom she took care of, the old woman leaves her home for the second time...

At 4 a.m., Inesa was carrying medicine to her mother when the explosion rang out. The shock wave knocked out the doors and windows, and the cans prepared for preservation were scattered everywhere with small fragments. Half a meter saved Ines from trouble, and Zinaida took another dose of medicine.

"We cannot live without tranquilizers," Inesa sighs. Due to stress, her mother's hearing has deteriorated, and the health of her aunt, who lost a lot of weight back in 2014, has now completely deteriorated. So the three elderly women hoped to the last - it would pass, but the shelling only intensified.

Our team evacuated the family by ambulance to the station, and from there they were taken to relatives in Dnipro in a special carriage of the train.
We wish Ms. Zinaida to complete her 100 years without sedatives - in peace and safety, in a free Ukraine!