The war took away all my emotions except sadness

The story of the Vytovt family from Kramatorsk is a story of struggle.

Mother Maria has been deaf and mute since birth and communicates in sign language, and father Mykhailo is only half-hearing. Instead, their beautiful children, one-year-old Sashko and 11-year-old Olya, don't have hearing impairments. Despite different opportunities to express thoughts, this family has a strong emotional connection.

A painful test for them was the shelling on March 18, when a russian "peaceful" projectile exploded 100 meters from their house. The blast wave knocked out the windows and doors in the apartment, and the walls were covered with cracks.

The parents felt a strong pain in their ears, and the frightened Sashko trembled and cried for a long time. Whether it was a miracle or a coincidence, the family managed to avoid injuries. The refrigerator protected the father in the kitchen, and the mother and the baby in the room were covered by the sofa from the fragments.

At that time, 11-year-old Olya was in another city with her grandmother, and when she saw her mutilated home, she barely recognized it. "It used to be cozy and warm here, but now it's scary for me to sleep here," the girl said with a trembling voice.

During the story, Ola's eyes were filled with tears, but they never left... The girl says that the war took away all her emotions, all her joy and left only sadness. But the worst thing is that she took away from her the opportunity to be with her loved ones, because her grandmother left.

The family could no longer stay in their hometown amid constant shelling. On the same day when we received their call, our team evacuated the family to Dnipro, where our partner hub received the family and provided temporary housing.

Above all, Olya dreams that the war will end and all her relatives will be by her side. It is difficult to realize how many innocent children feel this pain of separation from their loved ones and their peaceful life in which there was joy.