Our "Save me" backpacks are already rescuing children affected by the war

In the photo, "Save Ukraine" volunteer and our journalist in the east, Dmytro Lisovskyi, is holding "Save me" rescue backpacks. In just a moment, the children who were evacuated by our team from hot spots will receive them, and we will see their amazing smiles after everything the little ones had to go through.

In the backpack, children will find nutritional bars, food and water, a personal hygiene kit, coloring books and pencils, a raincoat and flashlight, a warm blanket and a toy.

All this in order to reduce the stress of young Ukrainians from forced separation from home and to facilitate their move to another city, another home, another life... This is an extremely difficult and painful experience for children. That's why we have to wrap them in care and give them a sense of security as much as we can.

Your smallest donation can be the same smile after long months of horror and fear in war.

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