History of evacuation

In the photo is a large family from Liman. Grandma and the children did not want to evacuate for a long time. Until, a couple of days ago, their house was destroyed by the rashists.

The woman told us that she miraculously managed to save the youngest, six-month-old child who was in a cradle and hide other children under the table just a few seconds before the shells landed. Everything they acquired during their lives burned in the fire. With them, they took a few diapers, food for the baby, and an old phone that belonged to their older son.

This story has a happy ending: the family is whole and safe.

But we again urge you to evacuate from the regions where military action continues. Avoid the danger to your own life and don’t neglect the opportunity to move to safe places.

“Save Ukraine” volunteers will help you do it. If you need help, call our Center’s hotline:

0 800 333 129