They left Kharkiv during the rashist offensive

Oksana and her 5-year-old son Yaroslav left Kharkiv during the rashist offensive.

At first, the family fled from Kharkiv to a nearby village where their grandparents lived. But soon the village was surrounded by occupiers.

The woman recalls with horror how the russians fired on Kharkiv from all neighboring villages. Her son was very scared of those sounds, so they immediately decided to leave. This decision was very timely, because after a while the family would not be able to get out.

Now the mother and Yaroslav are in Lviv. There they were met by volunteers of the partner hub "Save Ukraine" - supported and provided all necessary assistance.

Ms. Oksana is happy that her son can smile again. But he asks us to urge others to evacuate from danger. Especially if there are children in the family.