Tired of the road and prolonged stress

17 Ukrainian children, that were deported to Russian territory, now finally returned to Ukraine.

Nowadays we are again experiencing movingly moments when children return to their native land. They are tired of the road and prolonged stress, but glad that they are now at home, in the Motherland.

These are children from the Kherson and Kharkiv regions, who during the occupation were moved further into the occupied territories or to the territory of Russia. But after the de-occupation, the Russians refused to organize the children's return, and the parents were left with this problem alone. Difficult logistics, constant danger, the line of fire, or multiple borders have turned the return of children into an over-task for many of them. Therefore, they turn to Save Ukraine for help.

We are very pleased that everything went well, and the families will now be able to rest and recover from the tough mental trauma.

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