Call us for help in case of sexual violence against women and children
If sexual violence has occurred, it does not matter:
When it happened:
today or many years ago
Who suffered:
woman, man or child of any age
Who committed the violence:
a stranger, a soldier, a close or familiar person
Every person who has experienced sexual violence should have every opportunity to continue living a full life
To stabilize the emotional state of the affected woman or child, we will carefully study the problem and together with the affected person, we will come up with a plan for the necessary assistance
To complete processing of the traumatic experience and prevent post-traumatic stress disorder, we work following international protocols. We have experience working with the most difficult cases
Providing the survivor with a safe place of stay or residence and satisfying the individual social needs for adaptation in society during the rehabilitation process
1. The psychological help
2. Therapy and rehabilitation
3. Social support
Support of the family of the affected woman or child, because they often witness violence and also need help
4. Psychological support of family members
What do we offer?
Consulting and assisting in matters related to the legal protection of survivors. Services of a child's lawyer
5. Legal support
Have you witnessed or been sexually assaulted?
There are no excuses for sexual crime. You have the right to protection and support!
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